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SBI Consulting is delighted to collaborate with many types of businesses and industries: we can be the link between our customers’ IT and business departments.

Public sector

Several federal departments and governmental institutions call on SBI to support activities with regards to data gathering / mining / warehousing and report creations.

Banking & Insurance

Within Banking and Insurance companies, we drive various projects for data gathering / mining / warehousing and report creations.


Public health institutions and healthcare multinationals call on SBI to support public health research, and we enable a faster go-to-market for pharmaceuticals.


Supporting the retail business to become well informed by generating insights in sales data and customer buying behaviour.


We enable energizing activities by creating insights in matters such as electricity and gas consumption.

When peoples lives depend on correct data

SAS enables us to track developments and trends faster and more accurately.
This has been the basis for launching new, more appropriate prevention campaigns to protect the public.

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